Trial Instructional Flight

If you’ve dreamed of learning to fly, now is the time to make it a reality! Whether it’s your first time in a cockpit or you’re looking for something new and exciting for a friend to experience, make your first liftoff with the A.S. Flying School Trial Instructional Flight. With no obligation for regular flying lessons, this is the perfect introduction to flying with our Trial Instructional Flight.

Scenic view of a coastal city with blue skies and white clouds, a view you can see with our A.S. Flying School Discovery Flight

Trial Instructional Flight


Your A.S. Flying School Trial Instructional Flight experience will include:
• Pre-flight briefing
• Flying lesson (where you take the controls under supervision)
• Flying time that can count towards your recreational pilot licence (RPL)
• Complimentary landing fee (save $25)

Before you fly

Wear comfortable clothes, closed-in shoes and sunglasses. Make sure you are hydrated and have had something to eat. No alcohol on the day of the flight or the night before. Avoid medication that will cause you to be drowsy or hinder your coordination. Arrive at the location at least 10 minutes before your appointment booking.

What to expect on the flight

Your flight instructor will perform the take off and the landing. When you are in the air, you will be able to pilot the plane under the supervision and instruction of our flight instructor. Feel free to ask our instructor any questions you may have during the flight as they are happy to answer them!

Flight paths are subject to weather conditions. If the weather conditions are not ideal on the day of your flight, we will reschedule it free of charge.


If you decide you would like to pursue with our flying lessons, the instructor will provide you with all the information that you need!

Terms and Conditions

Due to aircraft requirements, you must declare your weight and height with your booking. You must arrive at the location at least 10 minutes early to your booking time. Late arrival may shorten your experience time or will forfeit your voucher and it will be non-refundable.

We have the right to refuse anyone who appears intoxicated. We reserve the right to submit anyone to a drug or alcohol test if we suspect they may be intoxicated.

About us

A.S. Flying School prides itself on its one-on-one instructing. We offer flexible course hours so your flying lessons can easily fit in with your lifestyle.

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